Linux and the now of prayer

July 20, 2006

For the longest time I have struggled with my circumstances, with the place that I find myself. Stuggling against God in prayer I have petitioned him over and over for a change. I have gotten so weary. My wife and I have been going through an extended ‘desert’ time…you may be aware of such a time if you have been a follower of Christ for more than a few years. It’s a long story, one that I might share more on in the future, but to sum it up, we have been restless people as a couple–we have been married eight years and from the very beginning we were hoping and waiting for God to show us what our unique path in life was and is–where and to what he has called us… We first met in Honolulu while we were both working with YWAM. We stayed in Honolulu for the first year of our marriage working with a local ministry called the ‘X-Factory’. It was an old KimChi factory that had been bought by a local church and turned into a kind of compound that housed the ministry. The ministry focused on the poor Filipino population in its immediate area by acting as an arm of the Hawaii foodbank. But, perhaps the coolest thing about it was that it had a walk-in style freezer that we made into a recording studio. I was a painter by trade at the time so I helped them paint the concrete and get the thing ready for remodeling. This ministry also had a large covered stage area that would be used for monthly concerts that would showcase Christian bands from around the islands…most of them ska and punk bands. Those were fun times…my wife and I would go to the beach every weekend and basically just enjoyed the amazing weather and the ocean.
But I was always unhappy, and we were increasingly strapped for cash. I worked as a painter on the ministry grounds to work off our rent and also worked about 6 hours as a janitor for the Japanese-speaking pre-school where my wife was a teacher’s assistant (she doesn’t speak a drop of Japanese except she knew the word ‘oshinko’ which means pee and is probably spelled wrong).

To be continued….

I am going to do this post in a short series so that you won’t look at this and think it is indomitably long and just navigate away…I promise I will get to the point though.


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