Linux and the now of prayer (part deux)

July 20, 2006

But I just got so sick of constantly sanding and staining old doors and lugging ladders around and bending over toilets until my back was screaming and it was 8:30 at night. I began to grumble inside. I began to feel like we needed some wind in our metaphorical sails. One night we hatched a plan. We would go back to school. Lots of prayer and petitioning followed–along with a healthy dose of what I would now like to call ‘sign watching’. You may or may not have tried this tactic in your walk with the Lord. If you haven’t then you are probably more mature than me and I apologize for my lowbrow Christianity (insert smiley face here for effect showing that I am being facetious).  This is done by waiting for something to corroborate what it is that you feel God has spoken to you. In our case we started going to a home church that was pastored by a guy who had gone to Denver Seminary–Ok, pretty close. We were thinking that God had called us to go to Colorado Christian University in Denver. Then we met his wife and she said that she was good friends with the Dean of Admissions at Colorado Christian University. Closer still. Then we went to a Christian concert that was being headlined by the band ‘Five Iron Frenzy’ who are from Denver. My wife Charity came up to me at the end with a nice sticker and said hey look we can put this on our guitar case–and I was in ‘sign watching’ glory because I realized before she did that the sticker was essentially the Colorado State Seal (how I knew this is another post).
So we loaded up the truck and we moved to Denverly–swimming pools, movie stars. Not really, but lots of pretty mountains in the background, albeit much dirtier than once imagined in the foreground.
Anyway, speeding it up a bit…we went to school and we loved it but were very poor the entire time. Mainly because we went to school full time without any family support (because both sets of parents lacked a financial vivacity that we wished they’d had at the time) and we only worked a few lucrative work-study jobs–whatever we could find. And the dream of what school could be, what it was supposed to be, slowly died. We eventually switched our majors (mine was communications and broadcasting and hers was child development) to whatever was open in the ‘School of Professional Studies’–which is where all the working adults go to finish their degrees. Since we were already in our late twenties we felt like we fit in more anyway. So we both got good jobs–I got an amazing job at the Denver Rescue Mission–as a computer technician. Something I had almost no experience doing–something that was a total miracle and was simultaneously the beginning of an ulcer that is still with me. One of the main reasons for switching was money. At the time it was the lack of it…the SPS program was so much cheaper–and the allure of a Computer Information Systems degree was sparkly too. I could graduate and start making 75,000 big ones a year! This was a few months before ‘Y2K’ (remember that?).
Of course the bottom fell out of the market that year in March and Silicon valley went on a ride to southern Cal and my degree went from being something to basically nothing, but I didn’t know that at the time…and I had a good job. I was working full time while going to school full time (actually more than full time, more like time and a half–18+ credit hours a semester + 40 hr. work week=lots ‘O fun).

To be continued again…


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